Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Vidiyal is for What?

Vidiyal is a theoretical Campaigner for Stability and Equality in Southasia.
To achieve this End, Vidiyal want our Region (Southasia)
        I.            to be free from aliens’ forced   interventions /interferences.
      II.            to be free from all sort of national, ethno-national, tribally  discriminations.
    III.           to be free from all sort of gender discriminations.
    IV.           to be free from all type of religious discriminations.
      V.            to be free from all type of social norms and traditions based on Casteism.
    VI.            to be free from labor exploitation  and wealth exploitation.
Vidiyal is for theoretical contributions towards the formation of such a region.
Vidiyal assumes that, promoting these six core goals depend on the correct understanding of the following theories (isms).
1.       Patriotism
2.       Nationalism, Federalism, ethnic-nationalism, Tribalism, Regionalism
3.       Gender Equalitarianism
4.       Secularism
5.       Anti-Casteism
6.       Socialism
Vidiyal proclaim that these six ‘isms’ are highly integrated, and function as the decisive ‘isms’ in our region.   And, declare that socialism shall be achieved only by implementing Socialism as the central focal(nucleus) of all other ‘isms’. Vidiyal theorize the positive dynamics of these six ‘isms’ as “Socialist centered five ‘isms’ Theory”.
Vidiyal is for Propagating and developing this theory.

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