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Categorization of Caste groups as Nationalities

Categorization of Caste groups as Nationalities
An Englisn Synopsis of a theses paper in Thamizh named, “Thamizheezham shall not bloom without the eradication of caste based un-touchability”.
The Political &Theoretical basics of this paper which are not discussed in this paper are as follows:
Basics I- Need of Thamizheezham.

Thamizheezham is unnecessary, unless the following phenomena are met.
One: Either the Sinhalese-Buddhist Ethno Nation state has to be overthrown or its Ethno-National poisonous sting has to be removed.
Two: The state of Buddhist religious headquarters being the decision makers of Sinhalese Ethnic group has to be abolished.
Meeting these phenomena is beyond the outreach of Thamizhs. These can be met only by a social revolution all over Ceylon led by the Sinhalese masses. There is no need for the Thamizhs to wait still. Hence, the Thamizhs have to continue their struggle for Thamizheezham.
Basics II: Class struggle

The struggle for National Democracy waged by all sorts of Nationalities is itself a class struggle. The Thamizh upper stratum which are practicing re-colonization/new- colonization in Ceylon and the super powers, with which this upper stratum deals with, are the class enemy in these struggles.

Basics III:  Ethno- Nation State and Nation State 

Among the members of UNO only few countries have the qualities suitable to be called as Nations.
Country is identified as a political entity with its own political power. When all forms of Nationalities, living under the governance of this political power succeeded in getting their National Democratic Rights, then that particular ‘country’ is considered as promoted itself to a position of ‘Nation’.  The State ruling this Nation is called ‘Nation State’. Such State shall be a co-operate State of all the nationalities living in that country.
Whereas, the State which is governing a country is under the supremacy of one or two Ethno-National groups shall be named as Ethno-Nation State.
Basics VI: Categorization of Caste groups as Nationalities.-A new development  
Differentiation of people as Social Groups is being a permanent continuous process in all the social formations all over the period. This process is being completely detached from the wantedness un-wantedness of human beings. There is being two types of Differentiations. They are class differentiations and race differentiations.
After the birth of a new type of differentiation called Nation, the race differentiations seen all over the world began to transform themselves as nationalities. As to these common phenomena, the caste, which was a class differentiation day-before yesterday and then was a race differentiation yesterday, is now transforming itself as a nationality today. We have to accept this development.
The goal of this paper:
 Main goal:
Making Thamizheezha Nation State as a guiding star to the people of Ceylon
What is the need of the Thamizh speaking people? Is it a Nation State? Or an Ethnic-Nation State? If, all the nationalities in Thamizheezham have to be treated equally, a Nation State is the only solution that shall guarantee this equality and its sovereignty, for which they are struggling for the past 70 Years. Whereas, Ethnic-Nation State will facilitate a particular nationality to dominate the State, government and Society. It means that, the struggle has ended in creating another national oppressive State in the Island?                            
We, the National Democrats must hate Thamizh-Saiva Ethnic- Nation State and Wahabisa-Islamic political structure to the extent to which we hate the Sinhala-Buddha Ethnic Nation State. We must not aim another Ethno-Nation State side by side with Sinhala-Buddha Ethnic-Nation State. Counter to this, we must aim to develop Thamizheezham and Thamizheezham Nation State to function as a rear front to the struggle against all varieties of Ethno-Nationalism all over Ceylon. Ceylon is being the grave yard of people of all Nationalities for the past few decades. We must not allow this to continue further. We are ought to change Ceylon as a grave yard of all three Ethno-Nationalism dominating the political fabric of Ceylon.
Sub Goal:
Accepting & promoting the process of caste division development to a stage of Nationality. 
If we want to achieve this main goal, we have to achieve many sub goals. This article stop itself only discussing one sub goal.  Though the title of this article seems to point out sub-goal as the main goal, the reality is not so. The title is a sub goal that has to be achieved in the socio and political arena.
Now, you are requested to go into the thesis paper with this Synopsis.        
Thanking you.

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